Acquisition & Lease

Aircraft and powerplants are valuable assets with specific aviation-unique characteristics, risks, and liabilities. Successful ownership of aviation assets requires aviation-specific insights. I provide legal advice, representation, contract negotiation, and legal due diligence on aviation transactions for aviation owners and operators.  Alongside your transaction's team of consultants, brokers, and maintenance engineers, I act as your aviation asset advocate on purchase, sale, lease, and lease return transactions.


Legal & Regulatory

The legal, regulatory, and political environment of aviation is complex. To assist aviation owners and operators, I combine legal and aviation insights to structure aircraft ownership options and to develop regulatory risk mitigation and compliance strategies. I help with ownership models for active or passive direct ownership; leased, shared and fractional aircraft ownership; and operational regulatory compliance strategies where you anticipate or have reached an impasse in achieving your objectives.

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Advocacy & Litigation

Professional advocacy is needed when your matter is before a court, regulator, inspector, or investigator. I practice Canadian and international aviation law, and I have an in-depth understanding of aviation technical issues in combination with aviation laws including Canada's Aeronautics Act, the Canadian Aviation Regulations, the Canada Transportation Act, and international treaties such as the Cape Town Convention. An advocate means you don't face contentious issues alone.

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