Christopher P. Knight

The CP Knight PLC law practice is centred around aviation assets: legal matters for aircraft owners, lessors, and trustees; air operators; maintenance organizations; air and ground crews; and aircraft and component manufacturers. 


Chris provides legal advice and representation on a wide range of aviation issues:

  • litigation investigation, advocacy and representation at all levels of Canadian courts on commercial, economic, aircraft maintenance, liability, insurance, and corporate disputes.

  • air law and regulatory strategic support on TCCA and CTA, matters as well as on matters involving international regulators such as the FAA and EASA with a Canadian nexus.

  • legal representation, negotiation, and advocacy in aircraft asset purchase, sale, lease, and lease return transactions.

With a 15-year background in litigation, administrative, corporate, and commercial legal matters, Chris is called in the Canadian jurisdictions of Alberta (2008) and British Columbia (2010). He has hundreds of PIC hours under TCCA and FAA pilot certificates and has additionally completed an aircraft maintenance diploma. Chris holds academic degrees and designations relating to philosophy, politics and law from the University of Western Ontario, Simon Fraser University, and Thompson Rivers University. He is a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces with training and experience in the intelligence and JAG branches. 

Please contact Chris in relation to your aviation and air law legal and regulatory matters. For non-aviation matters, Chris may also be retained via Goodlawyer.


   Canada: +1 403 923 2506

   Europe: +33 7 6773 5416

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