General Aviation Legal Topics 

I have prepared this library of articles about the legal and regulatory environment relating to Canadian aviation asset ownership structures, transactions, and operations.  For information and advice applicable to your particular situation, please feel free to reach out and contact me at


Electric, hybrid, and hydrogen propulsion systems, remotely piloted aircraft systems, and urban air mobility are creating the future of General Aviation.


In some cases sharing ownership in an aircraft is preferable to outright ownership. How do aircraft fractional programs work in Canada?


What have Canadian courts said on the difference between "commercial" and non-commercial (private) air operations in Canada?


Why should aerospace manufacturers, aircraft owners, and air operators consider Alberta, Canada as a base for their North American presence?  


The Canadian Aviation Regulations’ definition of “hire or reward” can be vexing for private operators and pilots. Where did this phrase come from?


Where do you draw the line between "commercial" and non-commercial (private) air operations in Canada? How far before "private" becomes "commercial"?


FAA, IOMAR and 2-REG registrations for “Canadian” aircraft: Is it possible to use “flags of convenience” for general aviation operations relating to Canada? 


The new Luxury Tax has negatively affected general aviation in Canada. How can Canadian aircraft owners structure foreign-registered aircraft? 


What taxes are applicable to owning and operating aircraft in Canada?  

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