Maintenance Protection Plans

We offer a "spinner to tailcone" maintenance protection plan open to all general aviation aircraft. Offload maintenance planning, management, and reserves to our plan for peace of mind and predictability. All routine/in-phase and unexpected/out-of-phase maintenance for any general aviation aircraft is included for a fixed maintenance fee per flight hour.

General Aviation Maintenance

Managing maintenance can be a daunting exercise for private aircraft owners. Aside from the technical aspects of aviation maintenance, there are extensive regulatory compliance and financial reserve aspects of aviation maintenance which need to be organized and managed, not to mention liaison, negotiation and management of outside maintenance providers themselves. Our plans operate similar to after-market warranties or extended service contracts in which aircraft maintenance tasks are all covered under a single umbrella. We take this further by including regulatory compliance management, financial reserve management, and maintenance service provider management all within the plan. The result is a turn-key "spinner to tailcone" maintenance solution the leaves aircraft owners with peace-of-mind and predictability when it comes to aircraft maintenance.


Any General Aviation Aircraft

Our approach starts with a maintenance analysis of each individual aircraft, and includes: (i) a physical inspection of the aircraft, (ii) a complete review of technical and journey logs, (iii) a review of manufacturer maintenance recommendations (airframe, powerplant, and avionics), (iv) a review of the operating profile of the aircraft, (v) an analysis of maintenance industry norms and trends related to the airfraframe, powerplant and avionics components of the aircraft, and (vi) a review of current and upcoming regulatory requirements (including current and upcoming airworthiness directives - ADs) from the civil aviation authorities (CAA) issuing aircraft certifications and registrations.


We then develop a maintenance plan unique to each aircraft, taking into account all necessary operational, regulatory, and CAA requirements. Our maintenance plans are always developed in conjunction with licensed maintenance professionals and can be used by aircraft owners independent of whether a full protection plan is ultimately selected. With a completed maintenance plan, we additionally complete a financial factor analyis to determine applicable costs, contingencies and reserves needed to sucessfully accomplish planned and unplanned maintenance events for an applicable period of time. From this, we are able to present a single per-flight-hour maintenance fee applicable to an aircraft. Aircraft owners are then able to choose to manage the maintenance plan directly, or outsource maintenance management to us in the form of a maintenance protection plan. 

Protection Plans

Where we implement and manage a protection plan on an owner's behalf, we manage all aspects of planning individual maintenance tasks, coordinating maintenance providers, scheduling aircraft downtime, and responding to unscheduled maintenance events. Aircraft owners benefit from the predictability of paying a single fixed per-flight-hour fee for all maintenance events. These fees are operating costs of the aircraft and are designed to be passed directly on to aircraft users, where applicable. 

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